Going above and beyond to reduce salt use

As the weather changes, one company is changing too, by reducing their salt use! Hillcrest Development, LLLP manages the Pentagon North and Pentagon Village properties in Edina, among others. Redevelopment and improvements at these sites required them get a permit from the District; as part of this process, they needed to create a Chloride Management Plan. However, the folks at Hillcrest went above and beyond the plan requirements and have begun an outreach campaign to include all their tenants in reducing salt use.

Image of mugs with salt reduction messages
Salt mugs; Photo by Kristina S

Education at the source

They created these flyers to inform tenants about the steps they can all take to reduce salt. The flyers will be posted above their salt buckets and distributed to tenants as well.

In addition, they will also put stickers on the salt buckets themselves and put one of these mugs in as a scoop. Each mug will help those actually applying the salt measure out only how much they need.

This is a great way for multi-tenant properties to encourage salt reduction, and to spread awareness about why it matters! Way to go Hillcrest Development!

How can you help?

Learn more about how you can reduce your own salt use at ninemilecreek.org/salt-reduction/