The regulatory program protects local water resources.


Many permits can be approved administratively. Permit applications that must go to NMCWD Board of Managers are due 20 business days prior to the monthly board meeting. The District has up to 60 days to take action on a submitted permit application that is considered complete.

Permit Application

Permit Fees

Information on Credit Card Payments

When is a Nine Mile Creek Watershed District permit needed?

Use the District’s Permit Cheat Sheet or complete Rules to see if you need a permit.

For further questions, contact Nine Mile Creek’s District Administrator, Randy Anhorn at 952-835-2078 and Permit & Water Resources Coordinator, Lauren Foley at

NMCWD Permit Cheat Sheet

Nine Mile Creek Watershed District Rules

When a board vote is required, the permit deadline is 20 business days prior to the monthly board meeting.

Permitting Documents

The following templates are available for use by those that have been issued a permit by the District.

Financial Assurance Forms:

Financial Assurance Rates

Performance Bond Template

Letter of Credit Template

Escrow Agreement Template

Maintenance Declaration Forms:

Private Entities: Maintenance Declaration Template (Private Entities)

Public Entities: Maintenance Declaration Template (Public Entities)

Monitoring Stormwater Facilities

Performance Monitoring Template

Chloride Management Plan:

Chloride Management Plan Template

MPCA Smart Salting Training (certification lists and training calendar)

District Rules

Nine Mile Creek Watershed District Rules

NMCWD has adopted Rule revisions, effective July 22, 2021. When rule revisions were proposed, a public comment period was open May 24, 2021 to July 7, 2021; and a public hearing held June 16, 2021.

Other Materials of Assistance

Rules Revision


Notice is hereby given that the Board of Managers of the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District (NMCWD) adopted revisions to the NMCWD Rules on Wednesday, July 21, 2021. The amended NMCWD Rules are effective for all applications completed on or after July 22, 2021.

Legal Authority

Photography by: Mike Thorud
Photography by: Mike Thorud

Legal authority for the NMCWD’s rules derives from Minnesota Statutes Chapters 103B and 103D. Under Minnesota Statutes § 103D.341, subdivision 1, watershed districts must adopt rules “to accomplish the purposes of [the watershed act] and to implement the powers of the managers.” These purposes include, among others, conservation of water for public uses; controlling erosion and siltation of lakes, streams, and wetlands; and protecting water quality in these bodies. Minn. Stat. § 103D.201, subd. 2. District managers are further authorized for example, to regulate and control the use of water within the watershed district, regulate the use of streams and watercourses to prevent pollution, and regulate the use and development of land under certain conditions. Id. § 103D.335, subds. 10, 16, and 23; § 103B.211, subds. 1.


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