Come inside at Discovery Point, the Watershed District’s headquarters and educational facility.


Come inside to gather more information about a project, tour the building, or talk to District staff. Explore the resources we have available on upcoming programs, yard care tips, and more.

Floor Map

Can you find where you live, work, or play within the District? Come trace the path of the creek on the floor map.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff can help you find the information you need, whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been protecting water for years. Come back to our offices to chat!

Nature Exploration Backpack Kits

Check out a nature backpack and use it to explore the grounds with your family. Search for birds or bugs, and identify what you find! You can check out the Birding bag or the Bug bag for free from 8-3, Monday through Friday.


We host many workshops and programs at Discovery Point. Go to our Upcoming Events page to find out which programs are coming up.



Discovery point Art

A Unique Facility

We saved many parts of the original house during construction to preserve its character. Can you find them all? Look for stone floors, handmade cabinets, and even paw prints left in the cement by the donor’s pets!

Barbara Kaerwer Interpretive RoomKaerwer-interpretive-room

This room, dedicated to the property donor, hosts exhibits and displays that showcase water and the community. The current exhibit, “Putting Down Roots,” is a collaborative eco-art project showcasing hand-made flowers that benefit clean water and pollinators.

Other features:

  • Kids’ Reading Nook—Take a break and read a book.
  • Touch Table—Feel the different textures of nature: Please touch!
  • Original Materials—Stone floors, fireplace, and wood paneling.


The greenhouse offers guests a relaxing place to sit and visit. Come check out the pond and the different types of plants in this original part of the building.

Learn More:

About Discovery Point

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