Discovery Point is the headquarters of the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District. It is a unique educational facility where visitors can learn best practices in water management and conservation.

About Discovery Point

The 5-acre, wooded site is located in a residential neighborhood in Eden Prairie overlooking the Cardinal Creek Conservation Area. Discovery Point provides visitors with direct and memorable experiences with stormwater management and conservation–in both residential and commercial settings.

Photography by: Wheelock Photography © 2015
Photography by: Wheelock Photography © 2015

Our District Office

In addition to educational areas, the building also includes staff offices and meeting spaces. The Watershed District employs three full time staff members that are available to answer your questions during business hours.


Explore Discovery Point

Working stormwater structures and artful landscape features provide opportunities to learn while enjoying peaceful surroundings. Visit Discovery Point to see, touch, step around, and move through landscape elements designed for you to gather ideas, guided by your own interests and curiosity. Inside the building, find resources that help you understand what you see outdoors, how to start a project, and what the District is up to.


“It is a wonderful place for recreation.”
– Barbara Kaerwer, Discovery Point Land Donor

The Story of Discovery Point

The land and original home on the site were donated to the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District by Barbara Kaerwer, a longtime Eden Prairie resident. The District renovated and added to the house and began operating there in late 2014. Barbara dedicated her life to protecting the natural environment. Through her tremendous act of kindness, Discovery Point has become a place for all visitors to learn how to be good stewards of the land.

Image of Nine Mile Creek Watershed District Building ExteriorPhotography by: Wheelock Photography © 2015

Leaving a Legacy

Barbara Kaerwer was an art historian and collector. She and her husband had a strong land conservation ethic, leading them to donate their Eden Prairie property to the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District for future protection and continued access to the public.

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