Meet Our Staff

Whatever you need, the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District staff members are here to help. Feel free to contact staff directly with your questions.

Picture of Randy Anhorn, District Administrator


Randy Anhorn, District Administrator
p: 952-835-2078, e:

Oversees District Operations including:
•  Coordinates with the Board of Managers
•  Develops the annual budget and work plan
•  Coordinates with partners including member cities and state agencies


Erica Sniegowski, Program and Project Manager
p: 952-358-2276, e:

Oversees District Programs and Projects including:
•  Manages the Education and Outreach Program
•  Administers the Cost Share Grant Program
•  Manages projects that protect and enhance water and natural resources

Image of staff


Lauren Foley, Permit and Water Resources Coordinator
p: 952-204-9690, e:

Oversees the Regulatory Program including:
•Assists applicants through permitting process
•Inspects permitted sites to ensure compliance with District rules
•Supports implementation of District water resources management program



Gael Zembal, Education and Outreach Coordinator
p: 952-204-9691, e:

Coordinates the Education and Outreach Program including:
•Organizes school visits and education events (English and Spanish)
•Develops and leads education programming at the District’s office
•Manages volunteer activities


Brett Eidem, Natural Resources Project and Planning Manager
p: 952-356-1999, e:
Oversees planning and implementation of watershed and capital improvement projects including:
•Natural resources project planning
•Manages projects that protect and enhance water and natural resources

Image of MN GreenCorps Member


Lizzy Boor, Permitting & Communications Intern (working remotely, limited hours) e:
Assists with the Permitting and Education and Outreach Program including:
•Assists with the permitting program
•Coordinates social media and manages the Salt Watch Program

Mailing Address:

Nine Mile Creek Watershed District
12800 Gerard Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55346

Monday to Friday, 8 AM – 4 PM


There are no open positions at this time.

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Engineering Advisor

Barr Engineering
4300 MarketPointe Drive, Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55435

Legal Advisor

Smith Partners PLLP
250 Marquette Avenue South
Suite 250
Minneapolis, MN 55401