Apply for a grant in the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District!

Grant funds are available to residents, associations, nonprofits, schools, businesses, and cities for projects located within the boundaries of the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District. Learn more about our stewardship and restoration grants through this handout or visit the pages below!
Nine Mile Creek Cost Share Bloomington Raingarden_108th St

Stewardship Grants

Stewardship grants help homeowners, associations, businesses, schools, and other organizations install projects that prevent stormwater pollution to our lakes and Nine Mile Creek. Examples of projects include raingardens, shoreline buffers, and permeable pavers.

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image of a habitat restoration area at Discovery Poiint

Native Habitat Restoration Grants

Habitat restoration grants help homeowners, associations, businesses, schools, and other organizations install projects that restore native plant and wildlife habitat and lead to a healthier ecosystem. Examples of projects include prairie and woodland restorations.

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Groundwater Conservation Grants

Groundwater conservation grants fund municipal projects that conserve groundwater resources or promote groundwater conservation through education and/or behavior change in the Nine Mile Creek watershed. Examples of projects include completing and implementing recommendations from water audits and support for city-run water conservation rebate programs.

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Grant Program Goals

In order to be eligible for funding, all grant projects must meet one or more of the grant program goals.

  • Improve water quality or increase the capacity of the watershed to store or infiltrate water
  • Protect and preserve groundwater quality and quantity
  • Preserve, protect, and restore native plant and wildlife habitats, with emphasis on projects adjacent to or near lakes, rivers, and wetlands

Past Projects

Cost share projects completed within the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District (2008 – 2022)


Our grantees work hard on their projects and are dedicated to protecting clean water. Learn about past projects in these overviews.

Residential Raingarden Project Overview_Bloomington (PDF)

Residential Curbside Raingarden Project Overview_Minnetonka (PDF)

Residential Driveway Raingarden Project Overview_Minnetonka (PDF)

Residential Floating Island Project Overview_Eden Prairie (PDF)

Residential Green Roof Project Overview_Hopkins (PDF)

Residential Pond Buffer Project Overview_Minnetonka (PDF)

Nonprofit Shoreline Restoration Project Overview_Bloomington (PDF)

Townhome Association Shoreline Restoration Project Overview_Edina (PDF)


Have questions or want to talk through a project idea? Contact Erica, Program & Project Manager, at 952-358-2276 or