Technical Assistance

Interested in starting a project for clean water or habitat improvement, but aren’t sure where to start? Get help through a site visit!

Site Consultations

Nine Mile Creek Watershed District (NMCWD) is working with a subcontractor to provide site visits to properties within the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District. For just $25, NMCWD residents and property owners can schedule a site visit to:

  • Talk over project options for the site
  • Discuss best locations for projects
  • Discuss best native plant choices for the site

To schedule a site visit, please contact Lizzy:

Following a successful site visit, projects may be eligible for design assistance funding. Limited funds are available.

Design Assistance

Several circles on a design plan indicating the space needed for each plant in raingarden
Example raingarden design plan created by Metro Blooms

NMCWD residents and property owners that have completed a site consultation may be eligible for project design assistance funding. NMCWD will pay up to:

  • $525 for the design of a residential raingarden or native planting of 150-399 sf
  • $950 for a residential raingarden or native planting of 400-900 sf
  • $1,000 for commercial properties

**Any additional design costs exceeding the amounts above are the responsibility of the property owner/authorized representative.

Following your site consultation, contact Lizzy ( to determine if your project is eligible to receive design assistance. Limited funds are available. Residents and property owners must express interest in applying for a NMCWD cost share grant to receive design assistance funding.