NMCWD’s permitting program now accepts credit cards for permit application fees.

What should I know before paying with a credit card?

Only credit cards will be accepted for electronic payment (no debit or prepaid cards). Checks are still accepted. Payment system surcharges will be added to the total application fee. Please read the following documents for more information:

Memo on Credit Card Payments

Surcharging Signage

NMCWD uses Square to take credit card payments.

How do I set up a payment for a permit application (or extension) fee?

Contact us at permitting@ninemilecreek.org to schedule a call to provide the payment. At this time, we are not physically taking credit card payments due to COVID-19. Credit card information for payments will be taken over the phone.

What else I should know?

Information on this page is tailored to credit card payments for NMCWD’s permitting/regulatory program. NMCWD’s education and outreach programs also uses Square occasionally but surcharges are not added.