New Seed Lab Coming Soon!


paper bags filled with seeds
Seed Collection at Crow Hassan Park Reserve
new seed collection rack
New seed lab grow light rack at Discovery Point

We are very excited to announce that this fall Discovery Point is creating its very own seed lab. The lab will house native wildflower and grass seeds which are harvested on site. Then, in spring, the seeds will be sprouted under grow lights. The plants will be transplanted later as plugs.

Our hope is to refine our growing technique so Discovery Point can host seed collection and seed sprouting classes. The plants we grow will either be planted into empty spaces at Discovery Point or given out to the public to plant in their gardens.


Any extra seeds we collect will go into the Little Seed Library by our front door. You can also drop off your seeds for others here too! Please label them clearly. Check out what varieties we have currently on the Little Seed Library page.

Little Seed Library Showing Seeds Little Seed Library