Take some seeds, leave some seeds.

Image of the Little Seed LibraryThis is a communal resource–please use good hygiene practices to avoid spreading COVID-19 while using this resource.

What is the Little Seed Library?

Based on the idea of the Little Free Libraries, you can take seeds, or drop off seeds. Most seeds included in the library are Minnesota native wildflowers. Take only what you need, keeping in mind that many native flowers like to spread and move around. Be sure to look up what kind of conditions they need before you plant.

If your flowers are producing seed, or if you have leftover seeds from planting, put them in an envelope and drop them off in the library for others to use. Include the name of the seeds and city where they were harvested when you drop them off.

Where is the Little Seed Library Located?

This library is located at Nine Mile Creek Discovery Point: 12800 Gerard Drive in Eden Prairie.

It is near the front door of our building.

What seeds are currently available?

Little Seed Library Showing SeedsThank you to all those who have donated seeds! Click on the name of the seed for growing information for each species.

The outdoor Little Seed Library currently has (as of 8/14/2023):

Wild Columbine

Make sure any seeds you donate are clearly labeled.

Swamp milkweed seeds drying

When to plant your seeds

Many Minnesota native flower seeds need a period of cold in order to sprout. This is called cold stratification. The freeze/thaw cycle of a Minnesota winter help break open the seed and allow it to grow. You can mimic this process in two ways. Spread the seeds in the late fall, right before it snows, and they should sprout in the spring. You can also put seeds on a damp paper towel in a bag in the refrigerator for a month or two, then plant afterwards.

When will they flower?

Most Minnesota native flowers will take two to three years before they bloom. This is because they are spending all their energy growing strong, deep roots.  Some Minnesota flowers have roots that go down 5 feet or more into the ground! Be patient, and your flowers will delight pollinators and neighbors for years to come.


The Little Seed Library at Discovery Point was crafted by two of our Minnesota Water Steward volunteers, Bob C and Bob P. This free seed exchange was inspired by Do It Green! Minnesota, who also runs a Little Seed Library out of the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis.