Normandale Lake Herbicide Treatment

Herbicide Treatment on Normandale Lake

Curly-lead Pondweed
Curly-leaf Pondweed

Updated May 18, 2022

An herbicide treatment using diquat occured on Normandale Lake on May 17. The herbicide treatment was previously planned for May 12, but due to rainfall and high water flows into the lake the treatment was postponed.  The herbicide treatment targeted remaining curly-leaf pondweed in Normandale Lake following the 2018-2019 drawdown on the lake. Spring plant surveys confirmed areas in the lake that curly-leaf pondweed is growing and where the treatment will occur. Curly-leaf pondweed is an invasive aquatic plant that makes it difficult for native plants to survive and can affect water quality.

Map of treatment areas: Normandale Herbicide Treatment Area_2022

A licensed contractor has been hired to complete the herbicide treatment, and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has reviewed the treatment plan and issued a permit for the herbicide treatment.

“There are no restrictions on swimming or eating fish from water bodies treated with diquat. Treated water should not be used for drinking water for one to three days, depending on the concentration used in the treatment. Do not use treated water for pet or drinking water for one day following treatment.” (WI DNR)

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