Normandale Lake Improvement Project

Normandale Lake
Normandale Lake

The Nine Mile Creek Watershed District’s Board of Managers ordered the Normandale Lake Water Quality Improvement Project at the June 20 board meeting. The project entails a lake drawdown, herbicide treatment, and alum treatment.


The project will go out to bid this summer, with work beginning on the lake drawdown in mid to late-August. Turtle protection fencing will be installed before the start of the drawdown. During the lake drawdown, water levels dropping in Normandale Lake will cue turtles to find new overwintering habitat before they need to hibernate for the winter. The turtle protection fencing will surround the lake and direct turtles safely upstream or downstream for the winter and keep them off roads. The District will also work with the Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District to conduct a fish survey in July and August on the lake before the start of the project. Learn more on the District’s Normandale project page or the City of Bloomington’s project page.


Watch two videos produced with the City of Bloomington to hear more about the Normandale project:

Pack your Bags, Pondweed

Water Quality Project to Clean up Normandale Lake