Fisheries volunteers needed


Image of a woman wearing waders with a cart filled with buckets and bags of corn
A volunteer with equipment for baiting fish nets

The Nine Mile Creek Watershed District needs volunteer help this summer! Normandale Lake in Bloomington has invasive carp in it. Carp stir up the bottom of lakes with their feeding habits. This creates cloudy water, and releases nutrients that can cause algae blooms. The watershed district is undertaking management actions to reduce the number of carp in Normandale Lake.

We need volunteers in August and September to bait fish nets with corn. The corn attracts carp specifically to the area of the net. Once the fish are trained to group in the area of the fish net, WSB will net and remove the carp from the lake. A minimum of one week (Monday-Friday) commitment and approximately 5-10 hours per week is required to volunteer. Training and materials are provided. Fill out this form if you are interested in volunteering: Fisheries Volunteer Interest Form.

Two men wearing hip waders stand in a knee deep lake. One holds a full bag of corn while the other watches.
Baiting nets with bags of corn.

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