DIY Home Water Audit

Complete a Do-It-Yourself Home Water Audit and Receive Free Water Efficiency Fixtures!

What is a Water Audit?

"Annual household leaks waste 1 trillion gallons nationwide = water use in million+ homes". A faucet from a house is filling up the continental U.S. with water from its leak

A water audit helps you to calculate your indoor and outdoor water use. A water audit identifies leaks within your home and recommends actions that you can take to lower your water use.

Why Complete a Home Water Audit?

  • Can help save you money on your water bill
  • Helps conserve groundwater, an exhaustible resource
  • Can help reduce water runoff and erosion
  • Cut your water use by 30%
  • Can identify leaks you were unaware of

Complete this DIY Water Audit Checklist for FREE efficient water fixtures if you reside within the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District.

Send your completed Audit list to Education and Outreach Coordinator Gael at to order any of these items:

  • sprinkler timer
  • shower head
  • faucet aerators