Welcome Megan, 2020 Summer Intern

Nine Mile Intern, MeganMegan Jester was hired as the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District intern for the summer of 2020.

Last summer, Megan worked as an intern for the District helping lead education events and creating new educational games. Now, Megan is excited to join us again as the education outreach intern with hopes to continue educating the public on the preservation and restoration of the Districts’ land and water resources. With interests in biology, conservational ecology, and education, Megan hopes to become a high school biology teacher after completing college. She currently attends the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a biology major with an education certificate. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in biology, Megan hopes to attend the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities to complete a master’s program in secondary education. Besides working to promote restoration of public waters, Megan enjoys spending time outside, at the gym, and in her art studio.