Transform your yard into a Monarch Oasis

Monarch on flowers in the Discovery Point restoration

Bonnie Juran learned about the critical loss of monarch habitat soon after becoming a master gardener. Armed with new knowledge about the trees, shrubs, and plants that attract pollinators, Bonnie established a butterfly-friendly garden in her own yard. Before long, she was tending to monarchs in her very own butterfly house, raising over 600 butterflies one year, and sharing monarch eggs with curious neighbors.

While it might feel as though winter will never end, the monarchs are already on the move. The website Journey North maps monarch sightings, contributing to a country-wide map of real-time migration info. Even though it has been a slow spring, you can prepare your garden for the monarchs’ arrival now by winter sowing milkweed seeds.

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Nine Mile Creek Discovery Point has also incorporated many types of milkweeds into the landscape to attract monarchs. Discovery Point was recently certified as a Monarch Waystation. We are looking forward to seeing the milkweeds, and other flowers, start to grow and bloom.