Signs of Spring

Prairie smoke plant

New spring plants at Discovery Point

Spring is in full swing at Discovery Point, and staff have discovered many new plants poking up through last years leaves. They may not look like much yet, but soon there will be new flowers and color. These prairie smoke plants were just planted in summer of 2018, so we look forward to seeing their beautiful, wispy blooms this year.

You can help increase the color at Discovery Point by joining our Volunteer Planting event on May 30th from 4-6. We will provide the tools, instructions, and dinner for volunteers. To RSVP visit our Upcoming Events page.

Image of Bloodroot flower

Spring Ephemerals

These flowers are ephemeral, because they grow, bloom and die in a very brief span of time. Most of their lifecycle happens before the tree leaves appear. Discovery Point is home to many of these shy flowers, including Bloodroot, pictured here when they bloomed last year.