The Importance of Organics Recycling

Why it Matters

While recycling things like plastic, glass, and paper products is a very common practice, organics recycling, and composting is becoming more common as well. Organics recycling is important because although food waste and food soiled paper products can break down, landfills are not the right environment for that to happen. When organics are separated and sent to a facility, the material is created into a compost and used to enrich our soils.

The Difference between Composting and Organics Recycling

Not sure what can and cannot be recycled? Hennepin County and surrounding counties have educational material and information about organics recycling. All food, food soiled paper, and certified compostable material can go in the organics recycling bin if you are sending your organics away to a facility. Composting at home? Products like certified compostable dishware, meat, and dairy won’t break down in home compost bins, they need to be sent to industrial compost facilities. Home compost bins can handle items like food and food soiled paper. Check out these informational guides from Hennepin County about Home Composting  Vs. Organics Recycling.

Organics Recycling at Discovery Point

Nine Mile Creek Watershed District has started their own organics recycling program. Their MN GreenCorps member, Alissa has created a small program for staff members, vAn organics bin, recycling bin, and trash can.isitors, and program participants at Discovery Point. An organics bin has been added alongside the trash and recycling to be picked up every week. By diverting organic waste from landfills, we help keep trash out of our waterways.

Hennepin County Organics

Did you know that 25% of Hennepin County’s trash stream is made of organic materials? Cities in Hennepin County are required to offer curbside organics recycling. If you don’t already participate in a program, contact your trash hauler to see what services they offer. Hennepin County also offers grants for businesses and nonprofit organizations to start organics recycling. Check out the link to see how your business or nonprofit can apply: 

More information about organics recycling for residents.