Rules Revision Public Comment Period Open & Public Hearing

Notice of 45-day Public Comment Period for NMCWD Proposed Rule Revisions and Public Hearing

The Nine Mile Creek Watershed District (NMCWD) is soliciting comments on proposed revisions of its rules.  The revised rules (both clean and tracked changes versions) and a matrix explaining and supporting proposed rule revisions are available below.

Proposed rule changes were compiled from the feedback of permittees, NMCWD legal counsel and engineering consultants, NMCWD Board of Managers, and Technical Advisory Committee. Proposed revisions are broken into two types: 1) those that are merely to correct, improve, or clarify the operation of the rules, referred to as “housekeeping” changes, 2) larger substantive changes (those not labelled “housekeeping”).

NMCWD 2021 Draft Rules Matrix

NMCWD 2021 Draft Rules

NMCWD 2021 Draft Rules – Changes Tracked

Comments are due by July 7, 2021 at 4 pm (CT).

Comments on the draft rules can be submitted in the following ways:

Public Hearing

In addition to receiving written public comment, the District will hold a public hearing on Wednesday June 16, 2021 at 6:45 PM (CT). The hearing can be accessed at the Zoom link below.  The hearing is a time when all interested persons will have the opportunity to address the District Board of Managers regarding the proposed rules. Use meeting ID: 947 1950 9142 and passcode: 079683.