Project construction starts at Rosland Park

Construction has started on the Rosland Park Stormwater Filtration Project. This project will will filter out phosphorus from stormwater entering Lake Cornelia.

What is being constructed?

Rendering of project
Rendering showing the concrete filtration vault with tiered wall planted with shrubs and flowering plants

Crews are constructing a filtration chamber with three different types of filtration materials in vaults inside. The rendering shows what it will look like when finished. Water from Swimming Pool Pond (and at times, water from Lake Cornelia too) will be diverted through the filters to remove phosphorous before sending water out to Lake Cornelia.

Phosphorous is a nutrient that fuels algae growth, which can make the water look green or cloudy. Reducing phosphorous will help create a healthier mix of aquatic plants and more habitat for fish.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, the majority of the work will be finished by late November, with planting and finishing touches completed in the spring.


Image of a concrete structure in the midst of bare dirt with trees surrounding it. Structure has three chambers on the left, and six on the right.
Filtration vault in progress

Learn More

You can find more detail on this project on our current projects page, as well as other steps we have taken to improve the health of Lake Cornelia and Lake Edina.

Lake Cornelia & Lake Edina Improvement Project


The District has received grant funding for the design and construction of the Rosland Park Stormwater Filtration BMP from the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources through the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, and Hennepin County through their Opportunity Grant program to offset capital improvement funds utilized by the District to implement the project.