City of Edina reduces salt use

Maintaining safety while reducing salt.

The City of Edina has reduced their salt use by 30% since 2016. Even with this amazing reduction, crews continue to maintain a high level of service for Edina residents, and residents continue to rank snow removal among the top City services.

Image of snowplow
Snowplow with Joma blades (segmented blades) (Photo by City of Edina)

This reduction in salt use was accomplished from improvements in many areas. Plow drivers and park maintenance staff are trained in Smart Salting best practices through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Equipment has been upgraded as well, with the addition of a dedicated brining truck, and articulated plow blades that flex to better match the road surface.

Citywide improvements

It’s not just Edina public works staff that are on board. Staff at other city properties like Centennial Lakes Park and Braemar Field also look for ways to reduce salt use while still maintaining safety.

You can read the full article in the Edina Public Works Pipeline here: Public Works Pipeline

Chloride and Nine Mile Creek

Nine Mile Creek is impaired for chloride, which means there is too much chloride in the creek. Chloride is one part of road salt, and cannot be feasibly removed from water once it is polluted. A reduction of 62% is needed to meet the MPCA and District goals of chloride in the creek. With the reductions from Edina and all of the cities in the watershed, we are closer to reaching that goal.

Read the Chloride TMDL fact sheet here: Chloride Impairment Fact Sheet