10,000 drains adopted!

A mother and daughter pose with their adopt a drain sign
Adopt-a-Drain 10,000th Adopter

Since its metro-wide expansion last year, Adopt-a-Drain has caught on in a big way. Volunteers cleaning up all around the Twin Cities metro have made a huge difference. Recently, the program hit a major milestone: 10,000 total adopted drains. Minneapolis resident Mandy LaBreche was the lucky adopter. As a public health professional, Mandy knows just how big an impact the environment can have on individuals. She works at Interdisciplinary Research Leaders, an organization that supports community leaders and researchers studying community health. “A few people adopting a drain is great, but the impact could go unnoticed. When you get an entire community on board, that’s where you can see a positive impact.”

You can read the full article at Clean Water MN.

I want to adopt a drain too!

Adopt-a-Drain is now also available in Rochester and will soon expand to Saint Cloud. If you’d like to join the growing network of people making a difference, check out adopt-a-drain.org.