Get Outside! Winter Recreation around the District

It’s not winter yet?

Although it’s still technically fall until December 21st, there’s no doubt that the winter weather is here with full force. The great thing about winter in Minnesota is that along with the cold weather we have snow, which means so many winter recreation options! Don’t have your own equipment? Three Rivers Park District offers many different winter equipment rentals including skis, sleds, snowshoes and more at different locations. They also offer cross-country sit-skis for adaptive cross-country skiing that are free of charge. If you decide to go cross country skiing, Three Rivers Park District has a cross-country trail conditions webpage. Maybe you enjoy the thrill of the cChild going off a jump while downhill skiing.old breeze on your face as you go flying down a hill? Grab your snowboard or downhill skis and get to Hyland Hills Ski Area in Bloomington. Even if it hasn’t snowed in a while, skiing is still an option because Hyland Hills makes their own snow! If downhill skiing is a new activity, or it’s just been a while, they offer lessons. Did you know that modern downhill skiing was born in the 1850s? However, other forms of skiing have been around for thousands of years.

Three Rivers Park District equipment rentals

Hyland Hills Ski Area

Three Rivers Park District Trail Conditions

Snowshoes & Snowmen

In the past, snowshoes were a necessity for many, including the indigenous peoples across North America. While the origin of the snowshoe is unknown, we know that snowshoes were already in use thousands of years ago. There are different styles of snowshoe depending on the region it came from. Now we mostly use them recreationally to get outside on the pleasant winter days. Come pick up a trail map at Discovery Point in Eden Prairie and hit the trails.

Winter in Minnesota means slippery roads, more traffic, and obviously cold weather. It doesn’t have to be all bad though. These winter recreation activities make winter more tolerable and fun! While we might think making snow angels and snow men is a thing of the past, of your childhood, never forget about your inner child! Who can have a bad time while building a creature out of snow or rolling around on the ground? Take a break from your busy work days and go play in the snow.

A sculpture made out of snow, resembles a snowman

Is the ice safe?

Want to get out on the lakes this winter? Ice fishing is a great way to get outside, spend time with friends, and possibly catch some fish! It’s important to keep ice safety in mind when out on frozen lakes and waterbodies. You can never be 100% sure that ice is safe to drive or walk on. Take precautions and measure the ice using an ice auger or even a cordless drill. If driving a vehicle on the ice, be sure to move it often so it doesn’t sink into the ice. Not a fan of ice fishing but still want to get out on the ice? Grab some ice skates and try to stay on your feet! It’s a great way to get outside and enjoy the winter scenery of the watershed. Centennial Lakes Park in Edina offers ice skate rentals, food, and a warming house to keep you warm. Ice skating usually starts late December, so check out their website below for updates.

MN DNR Guidelines

Centennial Lakes Park