Volunteers cleaning streets before the snow

As leaves fall and the weather turns brisk, Minnesotans know all too well that winter is fast approaching. That thick layer of colorful leaves might be hiding another problem for our streets and waterways: litter.

Building community connections, one block at a time

Around the Twin Cities, neighbors are banding together to tackle the problem of litter. In early October, dozens of Litter Be Gone clean-up events were held around Minneapolis. Litter Be Gone started in 2018 as a partnership between the Alliance for Sustainability and the City of Minneapolis to reduce litter and raise awareness of the problem litter creates when it ends up in storm drains and waterways. Volunteer clean-up teams organized by neighborhood organizations, schools, and businesses coordinated their efforts to make a big dent in the city’s litter problem.

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You can help be a part of this solution by adopting a storm drain at adopt-a-drain.org/