Learn about shallow lakes

Learn about shallow lakes! This video is a general overview on shallow lakes, how they function, and some management strategies. Remember that each lake is unique, and the management strategies will differ based on the specific conditions at each lake. You can find timestamps for various topics below.

The video was originally presented by Joe Bischoff, Barr Engineering Co., on April 12, 2022.

Presentation begins: 2:10

How lakes work: 5:10

What is a shallow lake?: 9:46

Shallow Lake conditions: 12:15

Turbid and clear water states: 22:30

Role of aquatic plants in shallow lakes: 29:06

Setting targets and enhancement strategies: 33:48

Balancing aquatic plants and recreation in shallow lakes: 34:20

Shallow lake enhancement: 37:34

Key players in lake management: 41:10

Stressor identification: 46:00

Nutrient and stressor management: 50:11

Aquatic plant establishment: 55:22

Shallow lake management: 1:00:13

Who regulates aquatic plants in MN: 1:05:05

Question and Answer period: 1:09:14