Floating Islands Launched

Floating Islands Launched in Eden PrairieFloating Island Launch on Carmel Pond

Three floating islands were launched in Carmel Pond on June 10. Floating islands are structures made of recycled, non-toxic plastic that are planted with a variety of native wetland plants. The plants’ roots grow through the island structure and into the waterbody where the island is placed. Both the roots and the bottom of the island become colonized by microorganisms or microbes that help clean the water of pollutants.


Three neighbors applied to the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District for cost share grants to help cover the cost of the islands to improve the pond close to their homes. “We are very excited to reduce the algae in this pond without using chemicals,” says resident and grantee Roger Hankey. “This is a more natural way to deal with the nutrient buildup in the pond.” Residents of the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District can receive 75% of a project’s cost, up to a maximum of $3,000, to install a project that works to protect and improve water and natural resources within the Nine Mile Creek Watershed. Associations, businesses, cities, and nonprofits are also eligible to apply for grants.


The Nine Mile Creek Watershed District is interested in this project as a pilot approach to water quality treatment. The District will be monitoring water quality pre-and post island launch to determine the impact the islands have on cleaning the water.


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