Electrofishing for carp on Normandale Lake

Electrofishing for carp on Normandale Lake

A woman stands in the front of a boat; attached to the front are wires which send electric currents into the water.
An electrofishing boat, used to lightly shock fish to aid in monitoring their population.

This story was aired by WCCO on July 8th, 2022.

Normandale Lake has been the focus of an intensive, multi-year project to work on improving its water quality. This project, begun in 2018, has included a drawdown to freeze the invasive plant curlyleaf pondweed, and prevent it from taking over; an alum treatment to reduce phosphorous levels; herbicide spot treatments to control surviving curlyleaf pondweed; and carp management.

The carp management was featured in a story by WCCO, featuring Jordan Wein of WSB, who is working with us to manage and monitor carp in Normandale Lake and other lakes in our watershed. In the video, you can see an electrofishing boat in action; small electric shocks are delivered to the water, stunning fish and making it easier for staff to catch them. They scoop up the stunned fish using long handled nets.

Image of people in a boat performing a fish survey on Normandale Lake
Intern assisting with fish survey

Once captured, some fish receive small monitoring chips, much like pet microchips. They are also measured, allowing WSB and Nine Mile Creek Watershed District to more accurately understand their population. Monitoring and removal of carp will help us keep carp in check in the lake. Carp are an invasive fish that disturb the bottom muck and uproot plants, leading to decrease in native fish populations and decreased lake health.

Watch the full video here: https://www.cbsnews.com/minnesota/news/engineering-firm-trying-to-electro-shock-invasive-carp-from-twin-cites-lake/

Normandale Lake Improvement Project

A fish lays on a wooden board with gradations on it to see how long the fish is.
Measuring a carp

To learn more about the steps we have taken to make Normandale Lake healthier, visit our projects page: Normandale Lake Improvement Project