Masjid An-Nur leads as an ‘Eco-Mosque’

COVID-19 and the uprising after the death of George Floyd has affected almost everything about Masjid An-Nur and its North Minneapolis neighborhood. Before all the unexpected changes of 2020, this mosque was already planning its transformation into an ‘Eco-Mosque.’ This summer, a major landscape renovation will affirm their commitment to sustainability and environmental justice.

Since moving to its current location in the mid-90s, Masjid An-Nur has been located on a lot that creates serious runoff issues. The parking lot sits up a hill that slopes down toward the mosque’s back door. Rain and snowmelt flow downhill toward the building, and the runoff caused thousands of dollars of damage.

Read how the congregation and its leaders transformed their property into a stormwater filtration system here

The Nine Mile Creek Watershed District is also working with non-profit organizations to install stormwater best management practices on their sites. Read about that ongoing project here: Nonprofit BMP Project Page.