Day: Monday August 7, 2023

Time: 6-8 PM, with optional free dinner for registrants from 5:30-6 PM

Location: Rosland Park Picnic Shelter (4300 W 66th St, Edina, MN 55435)

Cost: Free

Registration: Wufoo RSVP form


This tour is geared towards local elected officials, commission members as well as city staff partners.

This project tour will highlight:

  • NMCWD capital improvement project process
  • Innovative projects and retrofits
  • Experiences from city partners
  • Management of invasive species in lakes
  • Climate change resiliency
  • Flood risk reduction strategies

Attendees will learn about the innovative Rosland Park Filtration Vault and hear from Edina staff on their experience partnering with the District and undertaking maintenance. While at Rosland Park, District staff will describe our methods to manage invasive goldfish in Lake Cornelia and conduct in-lake water quality treatments. After that, the group will carpool a mile down the road to the Bristol/Mavelle Park raingarden retrofit project. There we will talk about water quality benefits, climate change resiliency, and flood risk reduction.

We hope that attendees from all our member cities can use these examples to better understand how we complete projects and be encouraged to partner with us on innovative solutions to water quality and climate change resilience.

This project tour is capped at 40 people, and a waitlist will be opened when the tour fills.

NMCWD Board Managers will be present at this tour.

Register at the wufoo form here: