The District is conducting a water quality study on Penn Lake in Bloomington.

Picture of Penn Lake in Bloomington
Penn Lake (Bloomington)

Project Description

The District, in partnership with the City of Bloomington, is undertaking a lake water quality study on Penn Lake to identify potential water quality improvement projects to help improve the overall health of the lake.

Education and Outreach

Visit the City of Bloomington’s Penn Lake Rehabilitation and Restoration webpage to:

About Penn Lake

Penn Lake is a shallow located in Bloomington. Penn Lake‘s water quality is poor, with average phosphorus levels higher than state standards for shallow lakes. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has designated Penn Lake as impaired under a total daily maximum load threshold. In simple terms, this means the lake is unhealthy. Nine Mile Creek Watershed District and the City of Bloomington are working together to develop a plan to improve water quality conditions in the lake.

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Shallow Lakes Brochure

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Contact Jordan Wein, Water Resources Project Manager, at 952-800-8307