The District is conducting a water quality study on Mirror Lake in Edina.

Photo of Mirror Lake in Edina
Mirror Lake (Photo by: Barr Engineering)

Project Description

The District is undertaking a lake water quality study to identify potential water quality improvement projects to help improve the overall health of Mirror Lake. The study will be completed in 2023.

2023 Water Quality Study

Read the results of the water quality, which includes high-level management recommendations.

Summary: Mirror Lake Water Quality Summary (2023 Final)

Full Report: Mirror Lake Water Quality Report (2023)


Community Meetings

November 8, 2023: A virtual community meeting was held to present the results of the Mirror Lake water quality study.

Mirror Lake Community Meeting Recording

Lake User Survey

Thank you to everyone who took the lake user survey. The survey provided community feedback to Nine Mile Creek Watershed District staff, engineers, and the board of managers, along with the City of Edina. The feedback helped assist in the evaluation of management strategies designed to improve the health of Mirror Lake. The survey targeted lakeshore owners and was active October 24 – November 16, 2022.

The District mailed a postcard with an online survey link to 20 properties adjacent to Mirror Lake on October 24th, 2022. Stakeholders that attended the Mirror Lake community meeting on November 9, 2022, were also encouraged to take the survey. Five survey responses were received.

See the survey results

Additional Resources

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Contact Jordan Wein, Water Resources Project Manager, at 952-800-8307 jwein@ninemilecreek.org