Eden Prairie, Bloomington


The Nine Mile Creek South Fork Bank Stabilization Project will stabilize and improve stretches of Nine Mile Creek that are degraded. The proposed project will address streambank erosion and poor habitat within the creek and restore approximately 5,300 feet of creek along two reaches of Nine Mile Creek in Eden Prairie and Bloomington. The project will result in improved stream health, stabilized stream banks, and improved habitat.


The goal of the project is to stabilize the creek channel and restore eroding banks to reduce sediment and nutrients in Nine Mile Creek. A stable creek channel will also benefit fish and other aquatic life in the creek.

Project Details

Rocks in a creek
Rocks placed in a creek for improved habitat during a restoration project

The proposed project will use streambank restoration techniques including reconnecting the creek to the floodplain, work to limit the deepening of the creek channel, installation of habitat structures in the creek for fish and other aquatic life, and planting native flowers and grasses along the streambanks.


In 2021, the District conducted a baseline stream assessment along roughly 3.3 miles of the south fork of Nine Mile Creek through the cities of Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Edina and Bloomington. As a result, the District has identified five stream sections, called reaches, where streambank stabilization work is needed. These five reaches total roughly 1.1 miles of the creek in the cities of Eden Prairie and Bloomington.  The District is developing plans for a proposed project that will stabilize stream banks and enhance the overall health of Nine Mile Creek along those five reaches.


Map showing streambank project location
Project locations, 3 sections just north of Bryant Lake in Eden Prairie, and 2 sections along W 78th St in Bloomington.

Public Hearing

The District held a public hearing on August 17, 2022, at 6:30 PM at the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District Office (12800 Gerard Dr, Eden Prairie, MN, 55346) for oral comments regarding the project design and draft feasibility study.

Baseline Stream Assessment (PDF)

Draft 30% Design Plan (PDF)

Draft Feasibility Study (PDF)

Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW)

A mandatory EAW was completed for this proposed project because the project is expected to disturb more than one acre of land below the ordinary high water level of Nine Mile Creek, a public water of the state.

At the regular Board Meeting on August 17, 2022, the managers reviewed the Findings of Fact and made a decision of a negative declaration (which means that preparing an Environmental Impact Statement is not necessary).

Review the EAW: South Fork Nine Mile Creek EAW (PDF)

SFNMC EAW Findings of Fact and Negative Declaration Resolution (PDF)

Project Timeline

Tentative Schedule

Permitting: Summer 2023

Construction: Tentatively Spring 2024

Completed Steps

July 28, 2022: EAW Comment Period Ended

August 4, 2022: Public Hearing at Board Workshop to allow for Public Comment on the EAW

August 17, 2022: EOR presentation at regular August board meeting of South Fork Stabilization Report, Public Hearing to comment on the project, and decision regarding need for an EIS

September 1, 2022: Public Hearing at September board workshop to order the project, approve EOR scope of work


Contact Brett Eidem, Natural Resources Project and Planning Manager, at beidem@ninemilecreek.org or 952-356-1999