Unveiling the new Watershed Sandbox!

Staff use the watershed sandbox exhibit

Dig a lake! Build a dam! Move a mountain! 

The new Watershed Sandbox is an interactive display that teaches about watersheds and topography.  People can shape the sand into mountains, valleys, and other landforms. Virtual reality technology then projects elevations and topography lines on the ever-changing sand-scape below. Participants can also make virtual rain, to see how water moves across their landscape.


Kids explore landforms and watersheds using the new watershed sandbox
Using the watershed sandbox


The watershed sandbox recently debuted at Clear Springs Elementary. The third graders had a blast making their own landscape, and seeing the virtual reality topography change as they created new landforms. Look for the sandbox at schools and community events around the southwest metro this summer! Contact Gael at gzembal@ninemilecreek.org for more information.




The Watershed Sandbox is a partnership between the Nine Mile Creek and Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed Districts. Thanks to the artists at Three Seven for designing and fabricating the sandbox.