Normandale Lake Carp Harvest Video

Ongoing studies of carp aid in removal process

Image of a man holding a carp
Carp captured in Normandale Lake during a fish survey (2019)

The District has been studying carp in Normandale Lake since 2018, as part of a larger project to manage the health of the lake. Carp are an invasive fish that cause water quality problems due to their bottom feeding behavior. They stir up lake bottoms, which reduces water clarity and releases phosphorus, a nutrient that fuels algae growth. They also uproot aquatic vegetation, destroying habitat for waterfowl and aquatic communities.

Two past fish surveys (2018 fish survey and 2019 fish survey) indicated that carp were at a level in Normandale Lake where management of the population was recommended for water quality purposes. Carp management began in 2020, with the removal of approximately 5,000 carp from the lake. Removal efforts are continuing this summer, with the help of WSB. We are also continuing to study more about the carp population in the lake, so we can efficiently manage it.

This summer, the City of Bloomington is partnering with the District and District volunteers to bait box nets with corn. Using corn as bait targets the carp and teaches the carp to group up in one particular spot over the nets in the lake. The nets are then pulled up, and the carp removed.

Learn more about carp management at Normandale Lake by watching this YouTube video:

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