Eden Prairie


A shallow, small lake nestled among Birch Island Park and Birch Island Woods in Eden Prairie, it is a place to walk through the woods and to enjoy nature.

Birch Island District Information and Walking Tour (PDF)

Birch Island Lake
Birch Island Lake

Water Quality

Birch Island Lake is shallow enough for aquatic plants to grow over the entire lakebed. It has a healthy mix of aquatic plants. Water quality declined in 2015, as compared to previous years.

Birch Island Lake UAA Summary 2006 (PDF)

Past Projects

A tile system was installed to restore the water level of Birch Island Lake in 2008. In addition to the lake level restoration, two existing stormwater basins were cleaned out and improved and a new stormwater pond was constructed to treat stormwater runoff prior to reaching Birch Island Lake and to improve water quality.

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Eden Prairie Lakes Water Quality Improvement Project Engineer’s Report (PDF)