Chloride Reduction Grants Available

Grants Available to Organizations to Reduce Chloride Use

Inage of Snowplow Blades
Segmented Plow Blades (Photo by City of Edina)

The Lower Minnesota River Collaborative is excited to announce the launching the Chloride Reduction Grant Program!  The Chloride Reduction Grant program offers financial support and resources for businesses and local government units for tools and practices which reduce, directly or indirectly, chloride usage by that organization. Some examples include pavement temperature sensors which would allow for more effective chloride application or outfitting currently owned trucks with new segmented plow blades in order to reduce chemical removal of snow and ice.

These are cost-share grants. That means that the collaborative covers part of the project cost, and the award recipient covers part. The grant amount is up to $20,000 max, and up to 75% of the project cost.

Entities applying for Chloride Reduction Grant must be currently Smart Salting certified through Fortin and the MPCA. Certification must be earned or proven before funds are released. Entities must operate within Bloomington, Chanhassen, Carver, Chaska, Edina, Eden Prairie, Deephaven, Hopkins, Minnetonka, Shorewood and Richfield.

Interested in applying? Click on this link and get started.

For more information or questions contact Amy Bakkum with Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District at

The mission of the Lower Minnesota Collaborative is to protect, manage, and restore the water resources in its boundaries. The Lower Minnesota Collaborative includes the Lower Minnesota River Watershed District, Nine Mile Creek Watershed District, Richfield Bloomington Watershed Management Organization and the Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District.  We can’t do this work alone though. We need an informed and empowered community to help create meaningful change with real results for clean water. The Chloride Reduction Grant exists to help grow and support that community.