Putting Down Roots Exhibit has Moved

Putting Down Roots Exhibit at the Eden Prairie LibraryThank you to all of you who helped create “Putting Down Roots”! It was a fantastic community created exhibit that showed how long-rooted native plants and flowers help keep our lakes and creeks clean.

We want to share the exhibit with as many people as possible. So, for the month of January, Putting Down Roots will be on display at the Eden Prairie Library. Check out the display cases as you walk in, and look for the hanging plants along the wall!

Knitted bee and flowers

Where to next?

Want to see Putting Down Roots this later this year? Nine Mile Creek’s and Mississippi Watershed Management Organization’s displays will have a new home Kroening Interpretive Center in Minneapolis in 2017.

Want to learn more?

Want to see pictures, watch a video, or learn more about the exhibit? Visit www.mwmo.org/pdr