New Junior Watershed Explorer Booklet!

About the Junior Watershed Explorer Program

Junior Watershed Explorer Sticker/Badge

In this program, you will explore the Nine Mile Creek Watershed, complete fun indoor and outdoor activities, and learn about your relationship with water. Complete activities in the booklet and become a Junior Watershed Explorer.

Junior Watershed Explorers – Stormwater Edition

Complete indoor and outdoor activities in the booklet to become a Junior Watershed Explorer. Finish the required amount of activities and you will receive a free Junior Watershed Explorer sticker! This booklet is geared towards kids from pre-k  to 1st grade.

In the booklet, you will:

JWE Stormwater Edition Booklet Cover has a stormdrain with water flowing into it
JWE Stormwater Booklet Online Copy
  • Learn what stormwater is
  • Become familiar with different types of storm drains
  • Understand how water moves over surfaces and through the ground
  • Learn about common pollutants in stormwater

Click on the booklet cover to download a PDF copy of the booklet. Limited paper copies are available: please email Education and Outreach Coordinator Gael at