Lake Edina, east of Highway 100 in Edina, is a shallow lake that has poor water quality.

street view map of Lake Edina and Nine Mile Creek
Lake Edina, Edina

Water Quality

Graph of phosphorous in Lake Edina over time.
Phosphorus levels in Lake Edina are higher than the state standard.

Water quality in Lake Edina is poor and does not meet state standards for shallow lakes. Phosphorus in Lake Edina comes from several sources. Stormwater runoff from the watershed and water flow from upstream Lake Cornelia are two of the biggest sources. Invasive aquatic plants curly-leaf pondweed and Eurasian watermilfoil also contribute to the poor water quality of Lake Edina.




graph of chlorophyll-a in Lake Edina over time.
Chlorophyll-a levels in Lake Edina have drastically increased and are now worse than the state standard.
graph of water clarity in Lake Edina over time
Water Clarity in Lake Edina is low; water clarity is worse than state standards.








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Current Projects

Water travels from Lake Cornelia to Lake Edina, so the water quality of Lake Cornelia directly impacts the health of Lake Edina. The Nine Mile Creek Watershed District is working to control nutrient levels (phosphorus) in the Lake Cornelia. The District conducted an alum treatment on Lake Cornelia in May 2020 to help control the level of phosphorus in the lakes. This project will work to improve the health of Lake Edina, as well as Lake Cornelia. The Nine Mile Creek Watershed District is currently looking into additional projects in the Lake Edina watershed that will work to improve the health of the Lake Edina.

For information about other past District projects, click here.


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Lake Edina has limited recreational opportunities, but the Nine Mile Creek Regional trail does pass along the lake for 0.3 miles.


The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources may have additional information on the lake (including fishing regulations; location; water access sites; lake maps; lake reports on stocking, ice in/out and water quality; fish consumption; and aquatic plant surveys) if so, that information can be found here:


Downloadable water quality data can be found here:


diagram of ways to clean water—clean off boats for AIS, sweep up leaves and grass, pick up after pets, and plant native plants