Lake Cornelia is a shallow lake in a natural marsh area. This lake is rich in nutrients. Algal blooms in the summer have offered more limited uses of the lake. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources stocks the lake for its Fishing in the Neighborhood Program.

Use Attainability Study (UAA) Update

Lake Cornelia in Edina, MN
Lake Cornelia

A UAA provides a scientific foundation for lake-specific best management plans through assessment of a lake’s physical, chemical, and biological condition.┬áPrevious UAA versions (2006 and 2010) exist for Lake Cornelia. In 2018, the District will update the Lake Cornelia UAA with the most recent watershed and in-lake models and by evaluating water quality monitoring data that has been collected since 2010. Lake and watershed best management practices will be evaluated, based on collaboration with City of Edina staff and stakeholder input.

Lake Cornelia Use Attainability Analysis 2010 (PDF)

Community Meeting

The Nine Mile Creek Watershed District and the City of Edina have hosted community meetings in the past to inform residents about studies and upcoming projects on Lake Cornelia and Lake Edina. There are no meetings scheduled currently; please contact Gael to be put on the mailing list for future community meetings.

Gael Zembal, Education and Outreach Coordinator

gzembal@ninemilecreek.org or 952-204-9691

Water Quality

Curly-leaf pondweed

Due to high levels of nutrients, the lake’s water quality has consistently been poor. Nutrients coming from the surrounding watershed feed algae in the summer, leading to low water clarity. Curly-leaf pondweed has also become problematic since 2015.

Lake Cornelia Water Quality Fact Sheet 2009 (PDF)

What can you do to help?

Sweep leaves and grass clippings out of the street. These materials contain nutrients that make algae grow. By keeping them out of the street, they won’t wash down stormdrains and into the lake. This will help reduce how much algae grows in the lake.


For more information about the lake, contact the District at 952-835-2078.