Glen Lake is a shallow lake in Minnetonka. Most of the area around this lake has residential neighborhoods, with some commercial and office areas as well. Wetlands lie to the southeast of the lake, and the water from the lake drains into Cardinal Creek Conservation Area in Eden Prairie.

Glen-Lake-viewWater Quality

Glen Lake has very good water quality, suitable for recreation activities. The homes and businesses around the lake contribute stormwater and phosphorous to the lake, leading to algal blooms in the summer. These blooms hinder swimming possibilities.

Glen Lake Water Quality Fact Sheet 2010 (PDF)

Glen Lake UAA Summary 2006 (PDF)

Past Projects

To protect the lake from degradation resulting from point and non-point source pollution, the District added two new detention ponds and upgraded a third in 2005 to treat stormwater before it reaches Glen Lake. The ponds are located at Lorence Road, Kinsel Park, and Dickson Road.