Become a GreenCorps Member!

If you are interested in improving the environment, strengthening communities, and gaining environmental job experience, you should consider becoming a Minnesota GreenCorps member. The MN GreenCorps is an AmeriCoprs program run by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. The goal of MN GreenCorps is to preserve Minnesota’s environment while training new groups of environmental professionals. Members of MN GreenCorps serve at various host organizations, including watershed districts, to assist communities and local government organizations with a range of projects. Members can gain experience working to improve water quality, educate the public on environmental issues, reduce greenhouse gases, increase recycling within communities, or train new environmental professionals. MN GreenCorps and its members have educated thousands of volunteers in communities around Minnesota and have made positive impacts on many service projects. The deadline to apply to become a GreenCorps member is June 15th, 2020.

For more information on MN GreenCorps and how to apply, visit their website corps