Image of sign in front of a turf basinBristol & Mavelle Park/Lynmar Basin area improvement project

The City of Edina is partnering with the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District to study options for providing stormwater improvements in this area, also known as the Lynmar Basin.

Project Open House

Learn more at a project open house 4-5:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 20, at the park. You can meet the project team, ask questions of City staff, and share your stories. We’ll be following CDC and MN Department of Health protocols to slow the spread of COVID-19 including wearing masks and physically distancing. Alternatively, you can participate online by taking an online survey. District staff and Board Managers will also be present.

Find more project details at:

Project at a glance

The study will include community engagement and outreach to better understand existing conditions, issues, and needs, and to help develop concept plans for consideration.

The project goals are to;

  • Improve the water quality of Lake Edina, and downstream water resources
  • Reduce flood risk in the South Cornelia neighborhood
  • Enhance natural resources, including improving pollinator habitat
  • Keep a portion of the space open for passive recreation
  • Consult residents in the process