Guidance Documents

The information provided here constitutes guidance, offered to support permit applicants’ compliance with the NMCWD rules. It does not replace careful reading of the rules. NMCWD permitting decisions will be based on an applicant’s compliance with the rules, not guidance

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Sediment and Erosion Control

Worksheet for Home Additions and Rebuilds

Alternatives to Erosion Blanket – Finding Compliant Blanket

Erosion/Sediment Control for Single Family Homes

Erosion/Sediment Control 

Stormwater Management

Soil Borings and Geotechnical Information

Restricted Sites

Appendix 4a Example

Stormwater criteria guidance not available at this time


Wetland Buffers Guidance

Wetland Buffers Example Graphics coming soon

Wetland Conservation Act in Edina, Eden Prairie, Hopkins, Richfield

Wetland Conservation Act in Bloomington or Minnetonka

Wetland Buffer Markers

Wetland Buffers for Existing Single Family Homes Properties

Permit Conditions and Closeout Stipulations

Financial Assurance Directions

Maintenance Declaration Directions

Public Maintenance Agreement Directions

Chloride Management Plan Guidance 

Chloride Management Plan Example – Redacted

Stormwater Facility 48 Hour Monitoring Worksheet

Other Rules

Floodplain Management & Drainage Alterations (rule 2.0)

Waterbody Crossings (rule 6.0)

Sediment Removal (rule 8.0)

Water Appropriation (rule 9.0)

Shoreline & Streambank Improvements (rule 7.0) guidance not available at this time


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Public Permit Applicants (Government)