Southeast (SE) Anderson Lake is one of three connected lakes bridging the border between Bloomington and Eden Prairie.

street map of NW, SW, and SE Anderson Lakes
NW Anderson Lake and SW Anderson Lake, Eden Prairie; SE Anderson Lake, Bloomington

Water Quality

graph of phosphorous levels in SE Anderson Lake from 1988 to 2018
The most recent phosphorus measurement in SE Anderson lake show that the state standard was met.

Water quality in SE Anderson Lake is about average as shown by 2018 monitoring data. SE Anderson met most parameters for the Minnesota State Water Quality Standards for shallow lakes. SE Anderson Lake has had high levels of the nutrient phosphorus in the past, in part, because of curly-leaf pondweed, an invasive aquatic plant. A past water quality improvement project previously limited curly-leaf pondweed and helped reduced phosphorus levels. In recent years, curly-leaf pondweed has begun to regrow. The District will take steps to examine the issue to address water quality.


graph of chlorophyll-a levels in SE Anderson Lake from 1988 to 2018
The most recent chlorophyll-a measurement in SE Anderson Lake show that the state standard was slightly exceeded.
graph of water clarity in SE Anderson Lake
The most recent measurement of water clarity show that SE Anderson Lake met the state standard.









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Past Projects

The Nine Mile Creek Watershed District conducted herbicide treatments to improve the health of SE Anderson Lake. The project goals were to reduce the amount of curly-leaf pondweed, an invasive aquatic plant, and control phosphorus levels in the lake. A licensed contractor applied Endothall to treat SE Anderson. The SE Anderson Lake treatment started in 2008 and were continued through 2013. Monitoring data from 2018 indicates that the herbicide treatments helped improved water quality. However, this lake still experiences algae blooms in the summer and curly-leaf pondweed is regrowing. Water quality monitoring and plant monitoring will continue to determine the need for additional projects. Click here for more information on SE Anderson Lake projects.

For information about other past District projects, click here.


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SE Anderson Lake does not have many recreation opportunities. There are, however, 2.1 miles of paved and turf trails at the Three Rivers Park District Anderson Lakes Park Reserve.


The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources may have additional information on the lake (including fishing regulations; location; water access sites; lake maps; lake reports on stocking, ice in/out and water quality; fish consumption; and aquatic plant surveys) if so, that information can be found here:

Downloadable water quality data can be found here:

diagram of ways to clean water—clean off boats for AIS, sweep up leaves and grass, pick up after pets, and plant native plants