Eden Prairie


A tile system was installed to restore the water level of Birch Island Lake in 2008. In addition to the lake level restoration, two existing stormwater basins were cleaned out and improved and a new stormwater pond was constructed to treat stormwater runoff prior to reaching Birch Island Lake to improve water quality.

Project Details

Birch Island Lake Eden Prairie
Birch Island Lake Eden Prairie
  • Water levels of Birch Island Lake had declined by about seven feet since the mid-1980s. To bring Birch Island Lake back to a normal level, the District installed a pipe to direct water from the area north of 62 into the lake.
  • The improvements to the stormwater basins help slow the water down before it reaches the lake. As the water slows down, dirt and pollutants will settle out of the water before it flows into Birch Island lake.
  • This project was part of the larger Eden Prairie Lakes Water Quality Improvement Project.

Eden Prairie Lakes Water Quality Improvement Project Engineer’s Report (PDF)

Project Impact

Water levels have rebounded, though slower than expected due to a drought in the summer of 2009.