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Bryant Lake offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities, both on the water and at Bryant Lake Regional Park. The south branch of Nine Mile Creek flows through Bryant Lake.


Water Quality

An alum treatment in Bryant Lake improved the water quality. Algae has decreased in the lake, and water clarity has increased in recent years. However, three aquatic invasive species are present in the lake and have become problematic. Part of the solution is harvesting weeds in the summer to keep the problem under control.

Recreation on Bryant Lake
As part of the Three Rivers Park System, Bryant Lake Regional Park has many recreational opportunities, including swimming, boating, waterskiing, fishing, geocaching, and disc golf.

Past Projects

In 2008, the district completed an alum treatment of Bryant Lake to reduce the amount of phosphorous in the water. Phosphorous contributes to algae growth. The District also completed a wetland restoration upstream to reduce the amount of phosphorous coming into the lake. As a result of this project, water clarity increased, and phosphorous levels have decreased.

Bryant Lake Alum Fact Sheet (PDF)