Eden Prairie


Bryant Lake, located off Highway 212 in Eden Prairie, is a clear, shallow lake that is popular for boating, swimming, and fishing.

street view map of Bryant Lake and Bryant Lake Regional Park
Bryant Lake, Eden Prairie

Water Quality

Graph of Phosphorous Levels in Bryant Lake going down since 1995
Phosphorus levels in Bryant Lake continue to decline and have been better than the state standard since 2005.

Bryant Lake water quality has improved in recent years. Projects completed by the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District have resulted in reduced phosphorus. Lower phosphorus levels help prevent algae blooms and keep water clarity high. The decrease in phosphorus has improved the overall health of Bryant Lake and allowed the lake to be removed from the impaired waters list. However, invasive species, such as Eurasian watermilfoil and curly-leaf pondweed are present in Bryant Lake. To limit influence of invasive species, District partners harvest aquatic plants in the summer to improve recreation. In 2015, zebra mussels were also discovered in the lake. District volunteers can help monitor the spread zebra mussels through our adopt a dock program. Learn more>

Graph of Chlorophyll-a Levels in Bryant Lake going down since 1995
Chlorophyll-a levels in Bryant lake have overall declined and have been better than state standard since 2008.
Graph of water clarity increasing since 1995
Water clarity in Bryant Lake is increasing over time.


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Past Projects

To improve the health of Bryant Lake, the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District conducted an alum treatment in 2008 and 2013 to control nutrient levels (phosphorus). This project, in conjunction with a wetland restoration project upstream, resulted in a decrease in phosphorus that improved the overall health of the lake. These projects helped delist Bryant Lake from the impaired waters list. For more information on these projects, visit Bryant Lake’s past projects page.

For information about other past District projects, click here


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Bryant Lake offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities, both on the water and at Bryant Lake Regional Park. Amenities include 4.4 miles of trails, picnic areas, disc golf, a swimming beach, and boat launch. A variety of fish species live in the lake including: bluegill, common carp, crappie, tiger muskie, northern pike, yellow perch, and bullhead.


The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources may have additional information on the lake (including fishing regulations; location; water access sites; lake maps; lake reports on stocking, ice in/out and water quality; fish consumption; and aquatic plant surveys) if so, that information can be found here:


Downloadable water quality data can be found here:


diagram of ways to clean water—clean off boats for AIS, sweep up leaves and grass, pick up after pets, and plant native plants