Everything we do on the land affects our water resources.


We offer professional trainings and certifications, as well as educational programs for local leaders.

Turfgrass Best Management Practices Certification

For those who maintain lawn and turf. We offer a short course for seasonal employees, as well as a longer course.

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Winter Maintenance Certifications

For those who apply salt and maintain roads, parking lots, or sidewalks in the winter. Those that complete the 5-hour certification course will be listed on the MPCA database.

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NEMO: Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials

These programs educate elected and appointed officials in stormwater best management practices. This is a program in partnership with the University of Minnesota Extension.


Want to learn more about one of these programs? Contact Gael, Education & Outreach Coordinator at gzembal@ninemilecreek.org or 952-204-9691.