Lone Lake is accessible by nearly two miles of trails, which also provide access to other nearby parks, such as Shady Oak Beach to the north and Bryant Lake Park to the south.
Lone Lake Park has several raingardens in the lower parking lot area, along with several recreation features such as a playground, picnic areas, a dock, and more.

Water QualityLone-Lake-2014

Lone Lake has excellent water quality. It supports a healthy amount of fish and aquatic life. The District would like to maintain this high level of water quality, and prevent the spread of invasive species.

Lone Lake Water Quality Fact Sheet 2010 (PDF)

Lone Lake UAA Summary 2006 (PDF)

Past Projects

Half of the phosphorus that caused problems in Lone Lake came from the water running off the streets and parking lots around the lake. To reduce that pollution, the District put in three raingardens on the south side of the parking lot, and one large raingarden in the center of the lot in 2005.  These raingardens significantly reduce the amount of pollution getting into Lone Lake, and provide food and shelter for pollinators, like butterflies.

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Lone Lake Park Raingarden Project Fact Sheet (PDF)