Eden Prairie



Lake Smetana is a nature retreat in the midst of suburban office buildings and highways. A 1.6-mile trail loops around Lake Smetana, and a park on the north side provides places to picnic and view wildlife.

Water Quality

Water quality in Lake Smetana has seen a noticeable improvement in the past decade. Prior to 2009, water quality in the lake was moderate to poor, consistently failing to meet state standards for nutrients in shallow lakes, as measured by water clarity, total phosphorus and chlorophyll-a (an indicator of algae). What caused the improvement in Lake Smetana water quality? While the marked improvement can be attributed to several management programs and activities implemented by the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District in recent decades, the alum treatment of upstream Bryant Lake in the fall of 2008 led to the most pronounced improvements in both Bryant Lake and downstream Lake Smetana.

However, Lake Smetana also has high levels of chloride (a component of salt), which can be harmful to fish and other aquatic life. With Lake Smetana receiving stormwater runoff from several highways, local roadways and an area of densely-developed commercial, industrial, and residential properties, the lake is especially vulnerable to chloride pollution. We will continue periodic monitoring of chloride in the lake, and we will also work with properties and private applicators within the Lake Smetana watershed to reduce winter salt usage.

Water Quality Reports

Read a summary of the latest Use Attainability Analysis (UAA) below for a more in depth look at our

Lake Smetana UAA Summary 2020 (PDF)

Read the full UAA report here: Lake Smetana UAA 2020 (PDF)